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Audience Engagement

Create a dialogue with your audience not a monologue

Audience Engagement – Constantly evolving event industry

The audience at your event, conference or seminar is demanding new digital experiences and looking for better ways to interact and network. Audience Alive™ turns these shifting demands around to your advantage with industry-leading audience networking and interactive solutions. Audience Engagement is what makes your presentation, event, pitch or sales meeting successful!

Live Voting Systems

Catchbox Throwable Microphone

Event Apps

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Live Voting Systems for Rental or Purchase

The system consists of a keypad for each audience member, a receiver, and software that allows questions posed by the presenter.

The system allows presenters to pose a series of questions, with the ten button keypads allowing audience members to enter information, which is immediately available to the presenter. Anonymous audience members responses are aggregated real time on a screen, the results then used to form the basis of deeper discussion and understanding in a wide range of subject areas.

Catchbox Throwable Microphone

Conferences, meetings and large events are a really great way for people from different backgrounds to come together to share ideas and come up with new solutions. Sadly, most of the time such events end up being boring and unproductive, with audiences left uninspired, listening to a one way monologue.

With the Catchbox microphone, organizers and speakers finally have a tool that can will help liven up events and make conferences more about participation and discussion. Not only does the device make asking questions in packed rooms faster and more feasible, the simple act of getting audiences to throw a soft cube breaks the ice and gets people to talk.

Event App

One app, all devices! An optimised mobile event app that doesn’t require you to download it. It detects which type of mobile phone you are using and runs seamlessly on your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile and Nokia.

In addition, it runs on any tablet device, such as iPad, Surface, Galaxy, ensuring all attendees access the mobile conference app regardless what mobile device they use.

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