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We are so much more than presentation trainers!

We are more than trainers – we are subject matter experts who pass on the tools, tips and techniques we use everyday to make world-class presentations. Attendees to our workshops leave enthused to try the new tools we have provided; from banning bullet-points to vocal projection our mission is to pass on our knowledge and produce the worlds next great presenters.

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Presentation Training Courses

Our courses have been developed to help increase knowledge about the fundamentals of effective presentations, learn new skills and techniques on putting presentations together, and become acquainted with the latest the world of multimedia technology has to offer us.

The Problem

Two of the greatest drawbacks to an effective presentation are lack of confidence and lack of technical expertise.

The Solution

To combat the above fears, learn more about presenting. It takes knowledge, time and practice to become an effective communicator.

Prefer an Online Taster Course instead?
No Problem – We’ve got it covered!

The Perfect Presentation for Leaders Online Course

Online taster course for those who prefer self-paced e-learning vs live group interaction.

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About the Online Course

Online Course Objectives
Learn the fundamentals of creating the perfect presentation. Discover how to create the content, deliver the presentation perfectly, and interact with the audience to create the element that will make you stand out!
Online Course Description
Through this course, you will learn from the expert the steps involved in delivering a compelling and powerful presentation. Through this course, you will be able to grasp the foundations of creating your slides, the common mistakes, and the tips that you should apply for an impactful presentation.

What we cover in our live group presentation training courses


Writing a script

Filter and condense

Start with the end in mind

Keep it simple

The art of story telling

Examples of great speeches

Lessons from Steve Jobs



Acquiring confidence

Show your passion

Start strong

Keep it short

Remember the “B” key

Make good eye contact

Voice – tone, pitch, projection


Keep it simple

Limit bullet points & text

Limit transitions & builds

Where to find great images

Use appropriate charts

Using video effectively

Learn amazing animations

Don’t take our word for it:

I’ve been on three of JQ’s workshops on Presentation Skills and each time I come out with a WOW experience. at first, I thought it was just me being an enthusiast for great presentations and using presentation software, but after I got JQ in to do a custom-course for the team, the vote was unanimous – it was a resounding WOW without exception from everyone in the audience. and just to put this into context – the audience were people who were ‘presenting’ for years.

The greatest thing about JQ’s and the workshop that Audience Alive conducts that its contents are upto date, and you know that’s true because you’ve not even heard or seen these functions on PowerPoint yet (or just missed them completely the whole time).Then there’s John himself, who is a wealth of knowledge on the topic and has all the evidence to show that it works and YOU can do it as well – albeit with practice.

Finally, the add-on’s – you get a ton of stuff for free, as though the knowledge and skills JQ has passed on wasn’t enough. A highly recommended workshop for anyone who understands, been part of is just days away from presenting to an audience. Go to JQ, it’s never too late. Frank Farrell


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