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Ultrawide PowerPoint presentation designers

Animated ultrawide presentations & trade show backdrops

Your Ultrawide PowerPoint presentations could be better…

Ultrawide presentations are anything that is a nonstandard 16:9 size. Have you gone to an event or conference these days and seen a huge wide screen as a backdrop to the stage? Really cool yes? But why don’t they allow the presentations to be that size as well? Instead they make everyone present in a standard 16:9 PowerPoint format and place it in Picture-in-Picture (PIP) on the main screen. We think that’s a shame and a waste of beautiful video real estate!

AudienceAlive can help you design a customised animated Ultrawide PowerPoint presentation with the following benefits:

Walk & Talk

Presenters can walk across the stage and present content as it appears – Audiences love this as it helps with storytelling and keeps them engaged.


PowerPoint can be changed right up to the last minute – unlike the other large format software available today PowerPoint is ubiquitous and is easily changed.

Ditch the slide

By using this type of format so much more content can be displayed at once thus resulting in more effective communication.

Check out a video example of an Ultrawide animated PowerPoint presentation below…

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