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First of all….what is Presentation Design?


Presentation design at it’s heart is conveying visual information in a easy to view and understandable way.


In the case of creating a visually stunning PowerPoint presentation it is a marriage and integration of visual elements on a screen. For the presentation design to be successful it needs to be easily interpreted and understood by it’s intended audience.

Please see some examples of our work on two separate projects below. You will notice a consistent use of fonts and associated imagery and style for each of the slide examples. A successful design has a continued overall tone and “look” that when used intelligently creates a eye pleasing informational display. In these examples one is for a Eco Friendly camp at Glenorchy, Otago, New Zealand (Camp Glenorchy) and one is for a global leader in engineered bronze (A W Fraser Ltd). You will notice two very distinct design themes.


“Ok, so tell me what a Presentation Designer does then!

A presentation designers’ job is to create beautiful visual and consistent design over all slides in a presentation show or pitch deck. A clients’ branding and identity comes into the design as well as some corporate identities are very strict and must be adhered to. Some clients welcome a more playful approach to the look and feel of their presentations while others want it clean, concise and conservative. 

So a presentation designer must find that “sweet spot” where the client loves the design and sees what the slides can be like with use of imagery, fonts, animations. It is a designers job sell the design idea to the client and to show the client a new or fresh way to show their information to an audience. The type of audience must also be considered and the flow of the meeting at which the presentation is to be viewed.

The designer needs to be able to communicate well with the client to give them what they want but also to show them something new. Often a sample of slides will be shown to the client from the content they provide to the designer to show them a design direction. Sometimes this may take while to get to a place that the client loves. Once the overall look and feel of the presentation template has been agreed on it’s time to get to work and build out the whole complete presentation for the client.


Please see a video below with examples of how we receive content from a client and then upgrade or give the content on the slides a complete makeover.

What tools do presentation designers use?

Apart from, an eye for design and, a good creative problem solving brain a presentation designer needs some tools to build presentations with. These include but are not limited to the following tools below…

A computer with a nice big monitor

The main tool for presentation design is a PC or Mac computer, preferably with a nice big screen for working on. The more powerful the PC or Mac is the better it is (no one wants to work on a old slow computer anyway).

Presentation design software

The main software types many presentation designers use are Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi and Keynote. There are more out there definitely but these are the main 3 used. To complement these programs other editing and design programs can be used to make and design elements outside of and then import into the presentation design software. Some examples are Adobe Photoshop for editing and optimising images/photos and Adobe Illustrator for designing and editing vector graphics/icons. 

Photography and graphics resources

Often times a designer will need to source photography and graphics such as iconography for a presentation. These can of course be supplied by the client but often times they are not. This is where free and paid resource websites are awesome.

Some examples of resource websites are: 


So there you have it…….

A quick glance into presentation design and what a presentation designer is and does. We hope this has been informative, to the point and an easy read. Check out some of our work here and if you would like us to take a look at your corporate presentation for some expert advice then you can contact us here.